Smart Design Promotes Physical, Academic and Mental Health

As most students across the country head back to school—in person, this year—more developers are taking a closer look at the unique needs of student housing. Students want design, functionality and comfort in equal measure – with consideration paid to community spaces, private study areas, workout facilities and trend-setting aesthetics. These spaces for living, studying and socializing can contribute to the holistic student success.

While pools and clubhouses are still enjoyed and appreciated by students across the country, student housing today must incorporate ample study nooks, indoor-outdoor access, and quiet spaces that appeal to students’ academic demands and personal wellness. Balancing the need for peace and quiet to study with amenity spaces that promote socializing needs to be both techy and welcoming. Spaces need to incorporate ergonomics, the right acoustics and a sense of a home-away-from-home—all designed to set up students to network and connect with each other to create a sense of belonging—for the optimum college experience.

From colleges and universities to off-campus student housing, The Childs Dreyfus Group understands this demographic thanks to our long-time commitment to student housing and our vast experience in this vertical. The spaces we design allow residents to connect socially and technologically with other residents because the thoughtful details we put into each room, nook and walkway create an authentic experience. Our architectural interiors help build a sense of community and create meaningful connections that last well past graduation.

The Childs Dreyfus Group has orchestrated high design for higher education for over two decades and would be happy to share our expertise with you. Contact us for more information on the latest in keeping students safe, engaged and inspired.