Smart Design for Living, Working and Playing

Today, we often live, work and play in the same place. Our office is just down the hall from the bedroom, which is just a short elevator ride from the community room where we socialize. To maximize the ability to live well, work effectively and play comfortably, smart design centers around strategic planning to create spaces where design and functionality intersect with ease.

Ultimately, smart design supports holistic, healthy living, working and playing, not to mention the transitions back and forth from work to play to rest.

When it comes to living spaces, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant can all come together to create a connected environment, where your coffee is always fresh, your floor is vacuumed, and your alarms are set. Our smart design prioritizes accessible, universal technology.

For those working from home, smart design gives you the ability to take a call on the move and to quickly connect with clients across the globe. It ensures that the latest technology works no matter where you are or where you want to go next.

When it comes to play, you can enjoy a golf simulator in one area, an intentional and innovative playroom in another and Landscaping and outdoor spaces also make it easy to take the party outside.

Everyday conveniences such as

keyless entry, refrigerated package rooms, and smart walls with the latest events, weather and public transportation schedules bring smart design into daily activities to create both connection and ease.

Anticipating your journey through work, play and community interactions, The Childs Dreyfus Group leads with smart design, smart connections and smart living spaces. Contact us for more information on smart design for savvy living.