Off-campus housing expands at Syracuse University

The student housing market continues to expand as enrollment numbers at universities increase as well. Syracuse is one of many colleges that has seen numerous off-campus housing projects come to fruition, and Innovative Acquisition Group is joining the ranks. The company is set to construct a three building complex in the Outer Comstock Neighborhood, only a few blocks away from the university’s athletic center. Check out this article from NCC News for details about the new project:

Syracuse University Off-Campus Housing Moving Outward

By Marcus White SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —
The proposed student housing complex in the Outer Comstock Neighborhood is the latest complex located outside of Syracuse University’s neighborhood district, as developers look to keep pace with growing university enrollment.

Innovative Acquisition Group L.L.C. proposed a three building complex located at the corner of East Brighton Avenue and Thurber Street, according to a report on

The proposed complex is another instance of the growth of off-campus housing that mirrors the University’s. Since 2008, the University’s enrollment has increased by nearly 2200 students, according to Syracuse University’s 2014 Financial Report. Over those six years, Park Point, Copper Beech Commons, and University Village have opened, providing 900 bedrooms near campus, Copper Beech Commons officials told

But as space around Syracuse’s main campus has started to become limited, apartments are spreading outward, Elin Riggs, director of Syracuse University’s Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services said.

“There is more housing going up outside of [the special university neighborhood] district,” Riggs said.

“I do think that, generally speaking, moving outwards is where people will go.”

Since these locations are farther from campus, the target demographic probably is not undergraduate students, but graduate students who may not mind the farther location, according to Riggs.

“You’re not going to get…about four or five hundred [undergraduate students] out there the way that you can get four or five hundred people to live at University Village Apartments,” Riggs said.

The proposed location sits under half-a-mile from the nearest stop on one of the routes to main campus. But, the route’s schedule could create issues for Syracuse students living in the complex, according to Riggs.

“Those buses get filled pretty fast,” according to Riggs, “…so I think one of the challenges transportation-wise is will there be an increase in buses that go out there already.”