New Business Means an Influx of Younger Adults

Chicago’s seen some major coups on the business front lately. The announcement that Uber Technologies is moving into 450,000+ feet in the Old Post Office was welcome news. That one business brings with it 2,000 jobs in the freight industry.

That’s not the only big company reaching out to Chicagoans to find new workers. Amazon plans to hire 30,000 additional workers, some from Chicago. Those workers will join the more than 14,000 workers in the city who are already employed by Amazon.

As more businesses set up shop in Chicago, an influx of younger adults is imminent. Of the 2.7 million residents counted during the last census, it’s estimated that Millennials account for the largest percentage of Cook County residents with an estimated count of 850,000 people. They’re in the city because there are ample numbers of pubs, bars, and nightlife venues, public transportation is sublime, and jobs are plentiful. Uber Technologies and Amazon will only add to this.

What Draws Businesses to Chicago?

What makes Chicago such a popular spot for businesses? The proximity to two major airports and rail are all among the top reasons. Businesses can keep costs down with the proximity to rail, USPS, and airlines. It’s also a city that draws people to it. The culture, gastronomy, beautiful architecture, public art displays, and spacious parks are all main attractions.

It’s a city where there are four distinct seasons for people who love seeing the changes in nature. From spring’s blooming flowers and sunny, hot summers to crisp autumns with bright foliage and snowy winters, the seasonal changes also create a new selection of experiences. In Chicago, people enjoy water sports in the summer, ice skating in the winter, and so many other things in between.

Happy workers are productive workers. When the workday is done, workers have plenty of things to do and see that help them de-stress and enjoy themselves. Millennials who were surveyed on what they think of life in Chicago put the friendliness of people, restaurants, sports, and access to theaters at the top of the list. That’s all part of why Chicago is a popular place to live and work.

With an Influx of Workers Comes a Need for Desirable Housing

All of these new workers also bring a need for desirable housing. A First American Financial Corporation report from 2017 found a 2% increase in Millennials seeking housing in Chicago. While adults in this age room do have their eye on price – after all, they are leaving college with a lot of debt – they also look for modern, open spaces filled with the technological advancements that have followed them through their childhoods. They’re looking for homes in the heart of the city where they can easily access stores, restaurants, pubs, parks, and public transportation.

Today’s Millennials want homes that are visually pleasing with lots of natural lighting, clean designs, and minimal clutter or obstacles between rooms and views outside. Think open floor plans and access to public areas for socialization. They also want to have that home meeting their love of technology. Smart lighting, USB charging ports everywhere, security systems, smart thermostats, and building-wide Wi-Fi are all desired. Charging ports in furnishings like tables and chairs are appealing. Quick access to grocery deliveries and restaurant delivery are also important.

There’s one more thing Millennials look for. They’ve grown up seeing the damage past choices are causing to the environment. They want to minimize their carbon footprint. They want natural, sustainable materials going into their d├ęcor, furnishings, and flooring. They want to step away from PVC. They want to stop using CFL that contains mercury. High-efficiency heating and even solar power are considerations they think about. Designers and architects need to focus on natural, functional, cost-effective, and technology-driven.

Living spaces don’t have to be huge. One thing that’s trending in urban living is open community space. A bar area where neighbors can meet up. A coffee shop area for those who work from home but want to socialize. Large rooftop patios for social events, lounges for catching up with family, and outdoor kitchens for outdoor dinners are all trending. Even concierge services for walking the dog, arranging light housekeeping, and getting dry cleaning can draw younger adults to a specific community.

The Childs Dreyfus Group is one of the interior design leaders in modern, urban living spaces. Their designers have their fingers on the pulse of what today’s younger workers are looking for. We can make their dreams come true while making sure your urban residence entices them to move in and stay. Call CDG to learn more about today’s housing trends for Millennials.