Gen Z Expects A+ Spaces to Live, Work and Play

The most diverse and educated generation in the United States today, according to the Pew
Research Center, Generation Z does not recall a world without smartphones, YouTube or
Snapchat. This unique group has high expectations for themselves—and the places they call
In particular, Gen Z looks for modern, functional and high-tech spaces that artfully combine work
and play in one comfortable and innovative curation. With about 68 million members of this
creative, competitive generation living in the United States, college and university housing
developers are paying closer attention to their interests
Displaying an overall preference for urban living, Gen Z members are outspoken about their need
for technology that is integrated into everyday living and playing. From private study nooks to
party rooms, the best of college living today incorporates school spirit and personal touches. Gen
Z also looks for effortless indoor-outdoor access, easy-to-access technology built into furniture
and comfortable lounging areas.
With our long-time specialization in on- and off-campus student housing, The Childs Dreyfus
Group has deep experience in crafting meaningful, useful and eye-catching housing for this key
market. We help our clients grow their businesses and enjoy a strong return on investment by
connecting with this important demographic. Our thoughtful design is driven by technology,
community and the students who live and play in the spaces we create. If you are looking to
design or update student housing, we’d be happy to share our passion for fun, functional and
exceptional spaces for students.