First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

First impressions matter. Buyers, tenants and developers often make lasting decisions based on the first few seconds they see a new place or site. They can make the difference between “show me more” and “I think we’ll pass on this one.”

In the era of Covid-19, they expect to see safety measures. In a world of high-tech, they anticipate custom technology with ease of function. And in the vein of “think globally, act locally,” they admire thoughtful local touches that make a meaningful first impression.

Fortunately, great design can create that welcoming, enticing first impression, ushering in potential clients from the front door through the lobby and into a building’s every nook and cranny. While small spaces and corners are often overlooked by development teams, an ID team can collaborate with you to incorporate thoughtful details and functions into every corner, offering outlets in common furniture or installing sports simulators, for example. These unique touches add up to heightened interest, improved occupancy, and positive reviews.

A memorable first impression begins with the right lighting and a sense of aspiration. Amenities such as firepits and pools, cityscapes and private spaces, discoverability and local culture should incorporate both human-centered technology and personal touches. Community spaces are more important than ever, so lobbies, shared areas, and conference rooms must help to sell potential tenants on the beauty and utility of a space.

If you want help in establishing the right impression from the very first moment, The Childs Dreyfus Group can help you create well-designed spaces that sell safety, technology, culture and community for the perfect first impression.