CDG: Your Trusted Interior Design Partner from Coast to Coast

When it comes to impactful design and profitable results, everything matters.

Technology matters. Culture and locality matter. Reliable financial strength matters. Spatial planning matters. Function and form both matter.

It’s imperative that your ID team recognizes and understands local culture in every space it designs and creates. Invite in the beauty and creativity of local murals and artworks, the vivid world of local light installations, and the best local brokers and dealers to honor each building and neighborhood’s local culture. Well-done living spaces should look different in Florida, New York City and North Carolina, and in smaller towns than bigger cities because they are based on culture and authenticity and future residents’ varying needs.

As renters and owners both seek to remain connected no matter where they are, technology matters more than ever and we place a premium on hot furniture, keyless entry, smart walls and seamless connectivity throughout all of our private and public spaces. Technology also integrates safety features important in the post-Covid-19 era, allowing more touchless and keyless functions than ever before. Life moves fast and your living space should help you respond and connect at the same speed.

Experience also matters, particularly during challenging or uncertain conditions. The Childs Dreyfus Group thrives, thanks to our strong connections to architectural firms, venture capital groups, development teams and more, who come together to create outstanding living environments and experiences.

As a dedicated partner across industries and across the country, The Childs Dreyfus Group knows that connectivity matters, that integration matters and that innovation matters. Our clients, however, matter the most, which is why we continue to design, spark ideas and welcome the next generation in interior design. If you are looking for a trusted design partner, The Childs Dreyfus Group would love to help turn your vision into reality.