At CDG, sustainability is not a trend—it’s a commitment.

With a clear focus on sustainability and wellness living, the interior design and architecture firm crafts sustainable spaces for our clients and our team. We believe people should be able to invest in themselves and the places they live and work, supporting healthier living and long-term wellness and sustainability on a reasonable budget.

Interior living and exterior experiences come together in CDG’s interior design projects, with features such as landscape walkways, extended outdoor living and the small touches that add up in a big way for health and wellness.

Going beyond rooftop solar panels and living, green walls, we are reinspired by some of our newest green projects. Nutura, for instance, melds nature and nurture in a one-of-a-kind Gainesville, Florida multi-family project. With expansive gardens, woods, trees and mindfully curated architecture, Nutura invites the outside in to create a sense of peace, serenity and place. In a recent Colorado project, every detail was environmental, from the spacious community garden to the EV charging stations.

At our Alabama mid-rise, dreams are becoming reality as we develop a facility to support locally grown food. And in our upcoming New York and New Jersey spaces, we are focused on health and wellness, including smoothie stations, fit bars and living walls that bring mind-body and soul to the forefront of experiential living.

Closer to home in the Prairie Ridge development in Park Ridge, an adaptive reuse project repurposes an existing structure for new use—in this case we are recreating a three-story office building to highlight productivity, ergonomic furniture and smart living. We proudly support clients who make net-zero living a realistic goal.

As a LEED-certified firm, sustainability is designing on-site gardens with attention to community areas. It’s extraordinary outdoor dining spaces and indoor facilities that bring a new meaning to farm-to-table in mid-rise communities. It’s about supporting health and wellness in our offices. And ultimately, it’s all about quality of life.