Student Housing Trends
5 Futuristic “Smart” Trends That Are Impacting Student Housing Design & Planning Today

Childs Dreyfus Group

In a world where we are surrounded by technology, it’s no surprise student housing and generation Z students are demanding smart technology be incorporated not as an afterthought, but as a cornerstone of the design & planning phase.

Smart technology is shaping the very layout, structure, design, and functionality of new student housing.  Here are five ways these trends are impacting the market today.

Cashless Campus

Gone are bulky washers & dryers accepting quarters and old school vending machines.  Replacing them are sophisticated new technology units which accept credit cards, mobile payments, take up less space, and become a centerpiece in a room rather than an eyesore.

Student Security

With security at the top of everyone’s mind, technology is leading the way making campuses more secure.  Doors on campus are being designed to be integrated with mobile security access systems.  Layouts are more open by design, but also to increase the view of strategically placed security cameras.  Tech is shaping student security, and in a good way.

Constant Connectivity

Students today demand constant connectivity.  Designers are challenged with incorporating outlets in places never imagined before, WiFi hubs throughout all student housing to provide connectivity for more devices than ever, and replacing outdated technology like telephone outlets and even Ethernet ports with wireless charging bays, tables that charge your tablet while you work at them, and much more.

Personal Privacy

While social, students today also demand their private spaces.  Gone are the locker room style shared showers and bathrooms which are being replaced with individual personal bathrooms.  Technology is leading this charge enabling students to schedule time in key spaces which used to be shared and are now privatized.  And designers are tracking student behavior utilizing mobile devices, apps, and security to learn how to design the perfect student housing layout for tomorrow.

Going Green

Without a doubt, generation Z students demand everything be green.  From materials used to energy efficiency, everything about student housing is being designed and built to be greener.  Things like room occupancy sensors to turn on lighting, spray foam insulation to reduce energy on heating & cooling, and LED lighting to cut on electric use are being implemented to cast a green halo and attract to today’s new student.

These five trends are some of the most prevalent smart trends shaking up student housing, and require planning start during the design & planning phase and not once ground breaks.  Crossing these off your planning list will ensure a housing facility that students love for years to come.